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ALTARS - T-Shirt ( Male )

Image of ALTARS - T-Shirt ( Male )


T-Shirt - ALTARS Design
Gildian Softstyle - 100% cotton

'Les Irreals Visions', the stunning new album by Spain's FOSCOR, mines the rich veins of progressive heavy metal past, present and future. Though named after the Catalan word for "darkness", their metal is atmospheric, elegant, and hypnotic, standing in stark contrast to their somber lyrical themes. Enthralling melodies and dreamlike passages flow with an easy grace, and belie the power and strength that delivers each track. FOSCOR are one of progressive metal's most dynamic bands, and 'Les Irreals Visions' is a glorious and uplifting triumph.

released June 9, 2017

Produced by Foscor

All music & lyrics written, arranged and performed by Foscor in 2016

Fiar - Lyrics & Vocals
Falke - Guitars & Effects
A.M. - Guitars, Bass & Piano
J.F. - Drums ( Studio )

Recorded and mixed by Javi Félez at Moontower Studios, Barcelona/CAT, October 2016
Mastered by Jaime G. Arellano at Orgone Studios, Woburn/UK, December 2016
Bandoneon sequences arranged, performed and recorded by Marcelo Mercadante at ‘Estudi El Mercat’, Barcelona/CAT, October 2016

Guest vocals on ‘Ciutat Tràgica’ by A.A. Nemtheanga

Artwork Photo Art by Nona Limmen. Photo shoot with models Svala Jóhannsdottír & Unnur Björk Jóhannsdottír in Iceland, October 2016

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